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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here they are...

As promised... here are pictures of the four cakes I baked for Zach's wedding. First, I have to say that when you make a caramel really never know what it will look like when you finish. Sometimes it will look great! Others.. not so much. This is cake number one.. .which after I iced it, I called my dad in tears because it looked so horrible.

When I started icing cake number two, this happened to the second layer...

Not good... so cake number 2 ended up being a two layer cake... it looks pretty (of course!)

Cake number 3 went a lot better...

Cake number 4 was the "display" cake. It actually looked good sitting out (looked very small compared to the wedding cake, but still looked good). You will notice it is leaning a little bit and please disregard the mess on the counter... icing is messy business!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I promise...

I did take pictures of the grooms' cakes. I will upload them this weekend and post for you guys to see. :) The wedding went really well. It was a LONG weekend and a tiring one for me, but he looked so happy. I've missed him this week while he's been gone on the honeymoon.

I am definitely looking forward to this weekend where we have nothing on the calendar. I definitely need some rest. School is wearing me out! I finally started seeing my kids yesterday. I missed them. It makes the school day much better when I get to see them.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant today (check out my other blog if you want some little details).

And that's about all in my neck of the woods. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, I was going to use the title "Worn Out" but Melissa beat me to it! Oh well. I'm very tired. School is definitely wearing me out. It's been great to see the kids back this week. It makes me smile when I see some of my old second graders and third graders, who are now the third and fourth graders... they still get excited to see me and have to give me a hug (YAY!). We haven't started seeing any of them yet in their gifted classes. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my schedule fixed and getting back in the groove of things. The first week of school is always tiring but I feel more tired this week than normal. I'm also (on top of school starting) baking 4 cakes for Zach's wedding. Cake #2 is in the oven as I type.

Not much else going on. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow. I haven't felt Sprout yet, but Sprout constantly makes me hungry.

We did have a sad day on Sunday. We had to put our dog Chance to sleep. :( Sammy (our other dog) seems to be okay. He either doesn't notice that Chance is gone or doesn't care. We definitely miss our Chancey.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last week

Last week is a bit of a blur to me. Monday, I spent the day with Chris. He decided to stay home from work to hang out with me before school starts. We ran errands and he changed out a door in the house. I think most of you know we've been slowly working on "updating" and improving our little home. Tuesday, part of the day was spent at school. Sue (my wonderful step mom) helped me in my classroom. In fact, she did more than help... she moved EVERYTHING where I wanted it. She helped me clean and when we left on Tuesday, my trailer was pretty much ready for students! I also had a doc appointment on Tuesday afternoon (see my other blog for details). Then it was back to school on Wednesday. I will admit, Wednesday- Friday were long and rough days for me. My ankles and legs were swollen by the end of each day (from all the sitting in meetings). Friday night I spent the evening (with Sue's wonderful help again.. .Sue is a great sous chef!) making 4 batches of banana cupcakes, which I have to admit were pretty tasty! However, something I ate for dinner (or during the day on Friday) made me super sick. Friday night starting at about midnight until now, I felt HORRIBLE. I have never felt so icky in my whole life. In fact, I hadn't gotten "sick" like that in 23 years (aside from the self-induced/alcohol sickness over the years). On a bright note, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER today!!! Just finished breakfast (grits)... my first real food since I tried to eat rice for lunch yesterday. YAY! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I really have no good excuse for not blogging. I've been around... in fact, I've done nothing the last two weeks. The past few days have been a little busy. I went shopping on Friday (new dress for Zach's wedding and new school clothes... that fit!) Yesterday, I ran a bunch of errands plus had a very yummy lunch with Lonebutterfly.

Not much has been going on in my world. One of our dogs, Chance, is not doing too well. He's having neurological problems and is in a lot of pain. We've had to crate him. (Normally he's just out and about). The vet thought he might have a slipped disc in his neck which is causing him pain and swelling in his spinal cord. She talked to a vet at UGA, who mentioned another condition that is common in Chance's breed. We're trying another medicine now that would treat the other condition. So, we're trying that.

Aside from Chance, I caught Chris's cold and am fighting that.. FUN! I have two extra days of summer (Thanks gov't for furlough days...) I actually can't believe the summer is over for me. Go back on Wednesday to work. I have a few busy weeks ahead. Not only will I be preparing my classroom and all for the start of a new school year, but I have a HUGE order of cupcakes for a one year old's birthday party next weekend. THEN, the next weekend is Zachs' wedding. I can't believe my little brother is getting married. He requested that I make his groom's cake...a caramel cake... the ONLY cake that my brother likes. So, the next week I will be a baking queen and will bake 4 caramel cakes for his wedding. BUSY BUSY BUSY!