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Friday, July 24, 2009

Another blog

So, when I found out I was pregnant, I started a blog/journal of my pregnancy. It has been private but I thought my blogging friends might like to read. So I am posting the link below. I made it public... it was private... but I also reserve my right to make it private again (I'm just saying... fair warning). If I do make it private again and you would like to read it, you'll have to email me with your email address so I can add you to read it. :)

My Journey

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls' Day

I had a GREAT time at Girls Day and am so thankful that Rebecca planned it for us. I hope that we can at least make it a yearly thing, if not do it more often. It was fantastic to see everyone in person (as opposed to reading blogs). We went to a place called Just for Giggles. You pick a painting and they teach you how to paint it. I love to paint, so it was very enjoyable for me. Let's definitely do it again soon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's been going on...

Well, Tuesday was the end of summer school. Summer school has definitely worn me out (that's why I haven't posted much lately). The rest of my week has been busy as well. Wednesday I went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Thursday I went to lunch with my wonderful friend Kristin (who I wish I saw more of) and we went to Babies R Us and started my registry. Thursday night we were given tickets to Legally Blonde at the Fox. I was pleasantly surprised at it. It was cute. Not my favorite, but entertaining. And then yesterday, we spent the morning at the vet with Chance (our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). He has a slipped disc in his neck and is in a lot of pain :( poor puppy. Last night we were able to go to the Braves game with Lonebutterfly and friends to celebrate Lonebutterfly's hubby's birthday. Before the game, the Braves retired Greg Maddux's number. It was a great moment in Braves history. We had a great time. Today I'm looking forward to Girls' day (With many of you) and Lindsay's bachelorette party tonight (I'm just going to do dinner with them). With that being said... I need to hop in the shower. More next week! Oh and check out the new signature... better?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon

Chris competed in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon on Sunday, July 12. I didn't get as many pictures as I normally do, but we had a good time in Chattanooga. He competed with the Team In Training Team and he did well. I think he did anyway, he's not happy with his finish. It started raining while he was out on the run. I had no idea it was supposed to rain and was not prepared for it. Luckily TNT always has a tent, so I hid there while it rained. I did brave the rain to get a couple of shots of him finishing.

Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just an update

Just a quick update... I am 13 weeks today, which means I am out of my first trimester (FINALLY) and beginning my second. I am feeling pretty good, though really tired after a long day of summer school. I'll write more later, just wanted to give ya'll a update on how things are going :)

and, yes, as soon as I'm up to changing my signature I will. I think the masses decided that even though it's pretty, it's hard to read (even though you all know what it says!) :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Checking out my new signature...

And baby makes three!

Yes, you read correctly! I've had this burning secret for 7 weeks now. I've been itching to post but just HAD to wait until today. Today I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Chris and I are expecting "Sprout" to arrive in January (14th is my due date). We are SUPER excited!!! Many of you know that we experienced a miscarriage around Thanksgiving so this is definitely a HUGE blessing. We have seen "Sprout" twice on ultrasounds. In the last one, Sprout was kicking and waving at us. It was such an amazing experience to see the Sprout. We have not decided if we're going to find out the gender. We have until August 27 to decide, which will be the next time we are going to see Sprout.

As for me, I have good days and bad days. I have not been sick but have certainly felt like I was going to be sick. I'm exhausted all the time and am looking forward to the next trimester. I'm hoping that the good feelings of the second trimester come sooner rather than later!