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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay, so have you ever really, really, really not liked someone that a loved one is dating??? I am in that situation and I KNOW that my lovely husband is tired of hearing me complain about this... so I thought I would vent to the world of blogging. This person that this loved one is dating is so incredibly obnoxious. He's rude, arrogant and just completely "rubs me the wrong way." He's very condescending and last weekend, not only did he put me down/make fun of me... he did that to 3 of my friends!!!

Thanks for letting me vent. Am I wrong to pray for them to break up? Any words of wisdom out there?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New favorite things

I thought it might be fun to share a few of my new favorite things with you guys. Here's a few...

Tom Glavine is a new/old favorite thing. I'm so happy that he's got an Atlanta Braves uniform on these days!!! He's always been a favorite of mine and I'm glad to have him back on the home team.
My Nikon D40 is a new favorite thing. Chris gave it to me for Christmas and I LOVE to take pictures with it. For my birthday, he gave me a zoom lens (which I had quite the time with at the Braves game recently).
"Rudy," my new Roomba is one of my new favorite things. He makes the floor clean, so that I do not have to sweep quite so often.
This candle gives off my new favorite scent. It can be purchased (and in fact, it makes the whole store smell like heaven) at Anthropologie, which is one of my new favorite stores.

Iced Green Tea (with no ice), from Panera, is one of my new favorite things. It's quite tasty and a refreshing change from coca-cola or tea.

The Tudors is one of my new favorite things. I LOVE historical fiction and I LOVED learning in world history. I recently decided to get Season one from Netflix. I started watching it last week during Spring Break and have fallen in love with it. King Henry VIII was scandalous, wasn't he?

My new favorite bag from Vera Bradley...

What are your new favorite things?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have had a wonderful Spring Break week. It's given me quite a thirst for summer. This week, I have caught up with friends and done a few things around the house (yes more pictures will come soon! I promise... I'm ALMOST finished decorating, for now). One long lost friend I have caught up with is Jordan, as in Crossing Jordan. It's one of my favorite shows that is no longer new. I love to watch reruns on A & E. Silly, I know... but it's been great to see her again!

I've also been working around the house; cleaning, putting stuff away, decorating.

Been thinking about switching sites of the blog... can't decide. Any thoughts?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Braves game

Chris and I went to the Braves game Sunday. We actually tried to go Friday night, too. It was postponed due to rain. Sunday's game was a good game. Smoltz v. Santana ... two of the greatest pitchers out there.

Chris gave me a zoom lens for my new camera. So, we had a lot of fun playing around with it and taking pictures. We were sitting on the 3rd base side, close to the foul pole. (just to kind of give you an idea of where we were). Oh, we were 22 rows back too...

Beware... there are a TON of pictures!

Braves v. Mets April 6, 2008

and now... presenting...

The long awaited pictures of our renovations are here! I will post some more finished pictures later. I needed to clean out the card on the camera before I took some of the "finished" pictures, but this will give you an idea!

New floors and counters 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I promise....

Pictures are coming soon... I'm trying to get everything back in order so that I can show you ALL the pictures!

In the meantime, Chris and I participated in the Great Urban Race in Atlanta on Saturday. It's kinda like the Amazing Race, just it's all in one city... and you don't have to eat anything gross. Here are the pictures from it. There aren't a whole lot, but we had a fantabulous time! We started in Midtown at Front Page. We had to solve clues and complete tasks, which took us all over midtown, downtown and Buckhead. It poured on us and we got soaked. We also discovered or learned some names of parks around town. And, you'll never believe who we ran in to... Amber and Rebecca! What a small world! :) As part of the race, you had to dress like your partner. Chris and I weren't too creative... just UGA fans (basically). Karen and Andy worked with us, they were graduates. It was hilarious because all day people were yelling Congratulations to them. We saw some interesting costumes of other participants. There were Smurfs (yes they were painted blue), babies (guys in diapers... eek!), and even the Barbie Bandits.

Great Urban Race 2008