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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Costa Rica and ... back to school

Costa Rica 2007

So, here are ALL (beware... there's 473 pictures) of our trip to Costa Rica. We stayed in small "suburb" of San Jose, called Cedros (which is in San Pedro). We traveled 40 km (which in the mountains takes 1.5-2 hours) to Gaurcima everyday. We worshiped there and that's the church that we helped. The church is going to receive funds from their government to build a new building to have classes for new mothers and high school drop outs. The drop out rate is very high in CR. We helped the church clean up, paint and prepare to raise the roof and add a second floor to their "Sunday School" building. The Costa Ricans were lovely people with such passion and love for God. We did have a few days off, in which we did a zipline over the canopy (actually 7 different lines... I felt like I was on the Amazing Race) and we did hike to the top of a crater volcano (Poas). It was such a wonderful time. The weather was amazing... needless to say I was very disappointed to come back to such hot weather. I can't wait to return next summer (hopefully earlier in the summer).

School started this week (which most of you know). It seems I'm going to have a wonderful class. Actually, a few of us are switching classes this year. SO, I am teaching math to FOUR classes. And, all classes seem very sweet. I'm very excited about this new plan and am actually looking forward to getting more into the routine (and used to being on my feet all day again)... My feet are KILLING ME! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quick post...

We made it safely back from Costa Rica. We had a wonderful trip and were definitely blessed by God while we were there. The country is beautiful, people are wonderful and the food is fabulous. Here's a picture to tide ya'll over. We got back Sunday night (10:30) and I started back to school yesterday, so a bit busy. The first picture is a little boy that I just thought was adorable. We passed out sunglasses and glasses last Sunday (7/29). The second picture is our Mission Team plus a few kids, Ivonne and Isaiah, Guido and Sara.