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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Going Ons...

We've been fairly busy the last week around the Hartley House. I celebrated my 34th birthday last Wednesday, which was my first birthday as a momma! I loved every minute of it. I woke up to a lovely message written on the mirror from Chris (and Nancy Carolyn). I spent the day mainly hanging out with the new love of my life. Thursday night was spent celebrating with the rest of the family (all except for my "evil step sister" and her hubby, as they are not permitted to travel because Ellis was due on Saturday, March 20). I am anxiously awaiting my gift from Chris. He ordered me the Kodak Zi8 camera (Kodak's version of the flip). My brother, Zach, helped me do research on the two and I opted for the Kodak. It's due to arrive on March 31 and I cannot wait to capture moments with my sweet girl!

My dad and Sue gave me two new Wii games. EA Active and Wii Sports Resort- both are a lot of fun and I'm enjoying the Active game especially. It's giving me a good workout, that's for sure!

On Monday, I acquired the new title of Aunt Meredith... My "evil" step sister gave birth to Ellis Ruth at 1 something Monday morning. I'm looking forward to meeting her and putting the cousins together tomorrow.

On Tuesday, I spent my first evening out. It wasn't the first time leaving NC, but it was my first being away during a "meal" and bedtime. I survived... had a TON of fun at Kristin's. Kristin hosted a coupon workshop, where I learned a ton and I am SO excited to jump on the couponing bandwagon this weekend! Also, I'm sure most of you saw my status on facebook... I'm hoping to host a workshop of my own. Let me know if you're interested. Now when I say host one, I won't be teaching... Amy, of Saavy Savers (who also works for Southern Savers) will be doing the teaching.

Nancy Carolyn is growing bigger each day and doing so many things. I love just sitting and watching her. She's "discovered" her hands and feet. She will sit and kick and just watch her feet. It makes me giggle. She's also finding her voice and loves to "talk" to me. Which I just ADORE! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 months

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Nancy Carolyn turned 2 months on Monday, March 15. We just got home from the doctor (and the dreaded shots). She did really well. She's growing so big and her little personality is developing. She smiles a lot and talks to me a lot. She is very alert and loves looking around. She's gotten really strong at holding her head up. We have put her in her Bumbo seat a few times (for a short time because she does start slumping forwards).

Here are her stats:

Weight- 11 lb 0.5 oz
Length- 22 1/2"
Head- 15 1/4"
All in the 50%tile.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a hello from us!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nothing much

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We are loving our time with our precious, sweet girl. She is currently 7 weeks and a few days old and getting so big. She is definitely interacting a lot more with us, including the occasional smile, which I LOVE! Hopefully one day I'll catch it on camera. We went to Stone Mountain yesterday and walked around a bit. We tossed around the idea of riding the train and the sky lift, but ended up walking around crossroads and watching the people sled down the lawn. We also went out to dinner on our own last night. Left her for about an hour with Grandaddy and Nana (my dad and Sue). They, of course, were in heaven. The picture is from a few weeks ago. I haven't downloaded new pics yet.