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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As the holiday season approaches (yes, holiday season begins with Halloween... didn't you know?), I thought it might be nice to do a Thankful Thursday (keeping up with the alliteration I started yesterday). Plus, I have felt very negative lately (and I know friends like Lonebutterfly and Rebecca are tired of hearing me complain). What better way to feel positive again than to look at ALL the things in which you are thankful.

There are so many ways and things in which I am thankful...
~I am thankful for a wonderful man, who loves me no matter what (even though I'm super fat and continuing to get even bigger!).
~I am thankful for my family... thankful that I was blessed with 27 years with the best mother in the world, thankful that my dad is still my daddy and that I will always be his little girl, thankful that my daddy found an incredible lady who loves him, loves us and is still sensitive about my mom, thankful for a fun "little" brother who understands and gets my sense of humor, thankful that he found a great gal, thankful that I NOW have a sister, who rocks and is a great sister in Christ and for her hubby... who just makes me laugh and is the smartest computer guy I know...
~I am thankful for Sprout, even though I don't officially know him/her yet... I am so thankful for the opportunity that God has provided Chris and me to be parents.
~I am thankful for some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for :)

What are some things you are thankful for today?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why? Wednesday

As I was driving to work this morning I began to wonder why about a few things and thought, hey this would be something to blog about... so I'm blogging a Why? Wednesday... Hee hee, like the alliteration?

Okay, WHY??? Do people insist on driving in the left lane and won't get out of the way when someone comes up behind them going faster?
WHY??? (and I'm sure it's the same people) drive the same speed as the car in the lane next to them so that you can never get around them... AND you always end up behind these people when you are running late and in a hurry?
WHY??? (or is it just me) do you catch every red light when running late?
WHY??? do people not use their brains and common sense at times?
WHY??? is it so hard to get out of bed when it's raining outside? :)

I think those are all my WHY questions for the day. I hope everyone is doing well. Not a whole lot going on with me. I'm almost 26 weeks and Sprout is just kicking along. I'm looking forward to the baby showers and all the classes (childbirth, etc...) starting. I can't believe it is almost time for all of those things. I am very glad that THIS is the year that I am pregnant and will be out on maternity leave. I am currently having a crisis of ... not faith, but lacking the love of my job. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I am teaching and LOVE my kids. It's all the other junk that comes along with the territory of being a teacher in a public school. Please say some prayers for me as I venture to look for a job in the private sector or maybe change careers all together.