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Sunday, March 29, 2009

So proud!

This morning, we got up at an unGodly hour and headed into town. Chris began running at 7:04 am. Four hours and nine minutes (and 26.2 miles) later, he crossed the finish line! I am so proud of him.

Mile 7 ish

Mile 13

About to cross the finish line!

Friday, March 20, 2009


So, I just got home from seeing Kate... yes, Kate Gosselin (otherwise known as Kate from Jon and Kate + Ei8ht). A friend emailed me a few months ago with information about Kate coming to speak at Roswell United Methodist Church, so we quickly bought tickets and have anxiously been awaiting tonight.

She spoke for a little over an hour. She started her story with meeting Jon, getting married and having the kids. She spoke of their journey in learning they were having septuplets (yes, they were originally having 7!) to the actual births of the six. She spoke of her faith and especially of how much God is in control.

She's an amazing woman with an incredible faith in God. I'm SO GLAD I went to hear her speak. It was definitely encouraging to hear her speak.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

For the past two weekends, we've started the weekend with not much to do and somehow our weekends turn out to be quite the busy affairs! It started Friday afternoon going to happy hour with some teachers afterschool (and staying until 7! crazy, but fun!).

Saturday morning, Sue and I headed to the mall. It was an enjoyable time (as always). As soon as I got home, Chris and I headed out to run some errands. We got home in time to play a little Wii before heading out again. We took stuff to make tacos over to Lonebutterfly's house. It was quite delish and very fun to hang out with them again. After dinner, Chris and Lonebutterfly's hubby played the Wii and entertained us all. (There's pics of us on LB's page) For those of you that have a Wii, I definitely recommend the Lego games (Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman)... They are super fun and very entertaining! The little legomen explode into the lego pieces when they get "killed"... VERY FUNNY!

Sunday was our, chores and cleaning, followed by dinner at my dad and Sue's house. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Secret Life

Does anyone out there watch "Secret Life of the American Teenager?" If you have NO Idea what I am talking about, Secret Life comes on ABC Family. It's about a 15 year old girl that is pregnant. It's done by the creators of "7th Heaven." And I absolutely love it. I always have to DVR it because HOUSE comes on at the same time. Chris and I watch HOUSE together and he has no desire to watch Secret Life. So, I DVR it and watch it another time.

It's kinda funny because it's this good family show, but it's about a teenager mom to be. There are a lot of good messages in it though, including the message to wait until you're married before having sex.

Anyway, I was just curious if I was alone in my love for this show???

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Days

With such a beautiful day on Saturday, Chris and I decided to call friend Lonebutterfly to see if she and her family wanted to join us at Stone Mountain for a picnic. They did and we quickly came up with a game plan.

Chris grilled steaks (and hot dogs for the caterpillars). We ate, hung out and had a fabulous time! I'm looking forward to our next picnic!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Can you believe it?

It snowed!!! I totally didn't think it would snow, even though the weathermen have been calling for it. We went to church and I looked out and it was snowing! The pictures were taken right after we got home, but we actually ended up with even more snow. I am quite enjoying my day off from school. I know I'll hate making it up down the road, but it was a much needed day today.