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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coming soon...

to a computer near you... PICTURES of our renovations! We have been working very hard (and I mean VERY hard) to get our floors done. We moved everything off of the floors (stuck stuff in bathrooms, garage and kitchen), pulled the carpet up, pulled staples out of the floor (I HATE STAPLES!), sanded the floors, stained them, put 3 coats of polyerthane down on the floors (sanded in between coats), pulled the old baseboards off, put new ones on, painted the 3 bedrooms, and I'm almost done painting the new baseboards. I have gotten to use a drum sander (it's very big), two different types of nail guns, pliers, hand sanders and paintbrushes. I am very glad that I'm not in the field of physical labor. :)

As soon as I find the router, I will post pictures of our work!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

These days...

These days... there's lots going on. I started my last class of my specialist program last night. I have 7 more weeks before I'm DONE and will graduate! Of course, I have a few papers and presentations for this class, as well as putting together a portfolio (that's due at the end of the month). The end IS in sight!!!

This Saturday, we are pulling the carpet up and refinishing the hardwoods that are underneath. We are also getting granite countertops put in next week in the kitchen. I'm slightly stressing at the fact that we have to move all our stuff off of the carpet. Not very sure where we will put it all, but I guess we'll find somewhere to put it. (Be on the lookout for pictures... they will be coming!)

Also, Chris is training constantly. His first race is the end of April. We will celebrate our anniversary by going to St. Petersburg, Fl. again. Unfortunately we won't be staying at the Vinoy like we did last year. But we're excited about going! :) We had a wonderful time last year and we're looking forward to another fun time.