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Friday, May 22, 2009

Turtle Crawl

Turtley Crawl 2009

Here are the pictures from the Turtle Crawl on Jekyll Island. Chris had an awesome race with a personal best time (2:19)... which prior to this race his best time was 2:51 (or 2:49...). We headed down to St. Simons on Friday and stayed with my aunt and uncle. They were wonderful hosts and we had a great visit with them. My uncle has an 8 month old English Bulldog, whose name is Baxter (after Baxter street in Athens). Baxter is AWESOME! He's so super cute and just a great dog. You have to check out his trick...

School's Out For Summer!

Wednesday was the last day of school with kiddos. WOO HOO!!! Yesterday was spent moving all of my materials into the center of my classroom for cleaning over the summer. And today... well, let's just say that I am hanging out. I have to be here today AND next Tuesday (thanks to the lovely snow we had in March). Sigh...

I know I still need to post about the triathlon last weekend. I will hopefully do that this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I just haven't had time to upload my photos to the computer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not much going on...

Not much going on in my world. Counting down to the last day of school (5 with kids, 8 total work days). It's not so much that I don't want to be at school teaching... it's the fact that the kids are SO excited that they don't listen anymore... they're running around and acting like hooligans. Making our jobs difficult and tiring.

Don't have a tv commentary for you guys yet. (I know you love them). I'll have one again in about a week or so. We're behind on 24 and Desperate Housewives. I have watched Brothers and Sisters... but that's it for this week (so far). Oh and quite a few episodes from Season 1 of NCIS. Still loving it! (thanks Lonebutterfly!)

I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend. We're heading to St. Simons for the weekend. Chris is doing the Turtle Crawl Triathlon on Jekyll on Saturday. We are going to be staying with my Aunt at her house on St. Simons. ... SO EXCITED!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mama's day

happy mother's day to all of my friends out there who are mamas! happy mother's day to a wonderful and sweet step mom! happy mother's day to a sweet mother in law! happy mother's day to my mama who I miss dearly each and every day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Another TV commentary

Hmmm, where to start...

24 feeling still the same... hating Tony... hating that Jack is sick (He can't die though... he's Jack Bauer, right?) Not much else to say right now on it.
Greys- (WARNING... If you didn't watch it yet, don't read this part) killed me last night. It was so sweet and yet so sad. First, the college graduates in the car crash and the girl's speech. I LOVE Alex. I love that he asked her to tell him her speech and then he used the same idea in his vows. I LOVE that Alex and Izzie were married. She looked so beautiful. and I LOVE that George walked her down the aisle. and the end... loved the end, but the end is what killed me. Seeing her there with her scarf on her head with her beautiful face totally reminded me of my mom and my mom's scarves and beautiful face.
Private Practice- the season finale was FANTASTIC! I cannot WAIT for the fall. first of all, LOVED that Violet picked Pete. YAY PETE! okay, but the end was killing me with Cooper so close to saving her... and then he left! Someone HAS to save her right? I think it's going to be Sheldon that saves her (just to throw a wrench into her plans with Pete). And totally felt bad for Addison. She really likes Noah but am so proud that she wouldn't give in. FINALLY Sam told Naomi that he still loves her. I still think there is hope for them yet!
Scrubs- still have to watch the season finale. It's making me sad though that there won't be a JD... :(
90210- YES, I do watch this one and TOTALLY Forgot to commentate on it last time. So, I think Ethan is into Silver (well, these aren't just my thoughts... they're from Rebecca too). Liam is totally into Annie and it's definitely going to mess up her relationship with Naomi. Naomi's sister Jen is going to blow through Naomi's money. AND, Ryan Matthews and Jen are going to start the new Melrose (anyone notice his apartment complex.. oh yeah... it was Melrose Place).
NCIS- still in the middle of season 1, but am totally digging the characters. The story lines are intriguing and I LOVE the banter between Kate and Dinoso (however you spell his name). And of course, everyone has to love Gibbs (Jethro... love it!) and Abbey! :)
BONES- all I can say is ... they are SO GOING TO DO IT! :) And I can't wait! I'm looking forward to next week's season finale.

And there you have it folks.. hopefully more entertaining commentary on the (too) many shows that I watch... which I sadly left out a few more that I watch... But I won't bore you with those. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


I completed my first ever 5K in 46:38 minutes! I did the Big Peach 5K in Brookhaven on Saturday morning with Chris, Zach and Lindsay. Of course they all finished before me, but I loved that my brother was standing at the finish line waiting for me to cross. I started out the race running. Then I decided I would run the down hills and the flat parts. So, I did. At mile one, my time was 14:29. Mile 2 was better (more downhills) 29:09 and then of course, mile 3 was almost all uphill. I am actually looking into doing another one on 5/23. Anyone want to join me?

This weekend was super busy for the Hartleys. Friday night, we went to dinner with the family to celebrate Jared (step-brother in law)'s birthday. Saturday was the 5K and then Braves at 3:40...which of course, there was a rain delay so we were there until after 7. We left there and decided to get off Marta in Midtown to go to the Vortex (mmmmmmmmm.......) So, we didn't get home until late. Sunday, we headed back to the Braves game. I will post pictures later. Unfortunately the Bravos lost both games... but it's always so fun to go. I still love them anyway!