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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lots on my mind

I have a lot on my mind today, so I'm not sure where to start. I guess I'll tell you what we've been doing. Working full time and being a mommy keeps on very busy. I'm definitely enjoying my summer break, thus far. Once school was out, Chris's parents were here for the weekend. His dad went on a mission trip to Honduras, so they came up so we could take him to the airport...well, that and I know they wanted to see Nancy Carolyn.

On Memorial Day, we went to the Renaissance Festival. It was Chris's first time there. We had a good time. Later that week, we headed to the beach. Chris has family in Panama City Beach, so we stayed with them. We were only there for a couple of days. We visited the pool and went to the beach briefly. It's hard with a 4 1/2 month old, since they really can't be in the sun too much. It was a nice visit, however brief.

Last week was spent trying to get NC back on her schedule. The week before was a nightmare for her schedule. It did not help last week that she had a cold. :( So naps were taken in the swing and I was a little more lenient than I should have been.

This week, we have NOTHING! YAY! Yesterday, NC took 3 naps and we just played all day. She's getting to be so much fun (see the post to come later today... because she's 5 months today!!!)

now, thoughts on my mind... first, I need some good reading material for the summer. I LOVE to read and have found myself lately reading the same things over and over (Harry Potter... I reread him EVERY summer... already done). I just reread Twilight. Now... need something else. Here's the thing... I don't want anything sad, disturbing or scary. I've had enough sadness in my life that I don't need to read about it. (so no Jodi Piccoult or Nicholas Sparks). any suggestions?

I'm trying to figure out working out with a baby ... in the summer... NC woke up early this morning so I was able to go for a walk before Chris left and I didn't have to take her with me. So that was nice.

and... I've set a goal... well, two goals. One to lose 40 lbs (i'll keep you updated). I've lost all the "baby" weight.. now to lose all that was gained (plus a little more) in the "honeymoon" phase, that in my case lasted 3 years. :) Goal two... I'm GOING to do a half marathon in November (and hopefully again in February). I'd really like to get to the point of liking to run and maybe by February ... run most of that one. I want to do the Disney Princess half in Feb (doesn't it sound like fun?) I'm going to join Team In Training to do the one in November. I figure that's the only way I'll get off my lazy bum and be motivated enough to train... and I know they will train me properly.

So... that's what's been going on and what's on my mind this morning as I drink my coffee and wait for NC to wake up from nap 1. Be on the lookout for her 5 month post later today or tomorrow!


Mel said...

which november half are you doing?

Sounds like you have come good goals :-) I am also training for a half marathon but in Sept...not sure that was smart with all the hot weather we have been having.

keep us updated!

meghan said...

Fun! Good luck with the running.

Have you read Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe? It is pretty good and long if you need something to keep you busy for a while. Malcom Gladwell's are pretty interesting too (Tipping Point, What the Dog Saw, and a couple others), but they are more just interesting ways to look at things, not really fun stories.