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Friday, May 28, 2010

Four Months

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So, I'm a little behind! We've been busy though. We spent Nancy Carolyn's four month birthday at St. Simons. We were cheering Chris on through the Turtle Crawl Triathlon. Nancy Carolyn is getting so big. Her stats were 12 lb 7 oz, 23 7/8" and I can't remember what her head measured, but she was all in the 25-50%. The doctor was pleased with her growth and said she was perfect (of course WE already knew that!). Her personality is starting to show and she is quite the funny girl. She's happy most all of the time and I just love every second with her. Nancy Carolyn can hold her head up really well and sits nicely in the Bumbo seat. She can also sit with the help of the boppy. Her hobbies include rolling over (both ways), reaching for and putting toys in her mouth (as well as her fists). She also enjoys "standing and dancing." Nancy Carolyn's most favorite thing is bathtime. She enjoys splashing Mommy and playing with her rubber duckie. Did I mention how much I love this girl? :)